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May 2023


Accessibility improvements

We’ve made some accessibility improvements on the Fact Find template to remove potential barriers for colour blind users, avoiding to rely on the colour of elements alone to indicate the progress or the completion of a step.


Select All/Deselect All options

We’ve added the Select All/Deselect All options to the lenders filter on the product search, to make filtering faster and make your sourcing more efficient.

April 2023


Design refresh

We’ve spruced up the look and feel on the Advise Wise Platform to make it more modern and fresher.


Case Status

We’ve introduced the ability to record your client’s case status on the Advise Wise Platform. This will also enable you to categorise your cases into categories based on the progress of the case: Enquiry, Fact Find, Application and so on. You can update the case status from the drop down menu we’ve added inside the case itself, at the bottom of the case checklist. Plus you can check each case status from the case list in “My Cases” section.

March 2023


Fact Find navigation improvement

We’ve improved the navigation on the Fact Find template by adding the “Next” and “Previous” buttons at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier to switch pages on the template.


Product comparison PDF

We’ve introduced the option to download the comparison table as a PDF.

When you select and compare multiple plans side by side, you can now download the comparison PDF to easily present product information to your clients, in a clear and concise manner and fulfil the needs of Consumer Duty.

February 2023


Rate Guarantee Filter

We’ve introduced the Rate Guarantee product filter on the product search, allowing you to view those plans where the lender will guarantee the rate for a certain period of time.


Self-Serve Portal

We’ve introduced the Self-Serve Portal filter, enabling you to view plans with a customer self-serve portal where the client can see their balance, documents, make payments online and much more.

January 2023


State Benefits Calculator

We’ve introduced an integrated state benefit calculator on your client’s case page, completely free to use, that you can run individually or as part of the fact find.

See how easy it is to use it. Once you get the benefits data, you have the option to email the results and download the pdf, which is also saved automatically on the client’s case.

December 2022


Accessibility improvement

We’ve improved support for colour blind users across the platform.

November 2022


We’ve introduced RIOs

We’ve introduced RIO plans to the Advise Wise Platform! Full details about these additional lenders and their plans can be found on the lender hub.

To source RIO plans, simply run and product search and select the ‘RIO & Other Mortgages’ option from the product type filter.

October 2022


Document uploading feature

We’ve added a new feature to the Advise Wise Platform, allowing you to easily upload any documents to your client’s case, in just a click! You can upload the most common file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, scanned images etc… This way you’ll have all your case’s documents together on your Advise Wise account.


User preferences improved

We’ve improved the user preferences on the Advise Wise Platform:

  • Set a specific email address to use when requesting KFIs from lenders - different to the one you’ve registered on your Advise Wise account.
  • Save default advice and solicitor fees to make your search even quicker, saving you to type the fees every time.

June 2022


Platform improvements

  • We’ve introduced a case checklist, allowing you to track the progress of your client’s case from enquiry through to completion.
  • We’ve also improved visibility for medical questions on the platform, making it easier to add them to your case to improve the product sourcing and find the most suitable plans for your client’s circumstances.
  • We’ve added a new search functionality to the dashboard, allowing you to quickly look for a client’s case. We’ve also improved the speed of the search on the client’s and case’s pages.

May 2022


Platform improvements

  • We’ve removed desktop valuation and the retention filters to keep the interface clean for the users.
  • Our max release calculator now passes through any information entered to quick quote, so you don’t need to re-key the same information
  • If you try to register but already have an account, we’ve improved the journey to get you logged in

April 2022


Filters by product range

When you filter products by lender, you can now also filter by their individual product ranges.

March 2022


Platform's improved look

We’ve improved the layout of your cases and clients views to make it easier for you to access your clients’ cases information.

February 2022


Flood risk reports

We’ve introduced a Flood risk report to the client’s property details. You can now download a PDF report for properties in England in just a click, directly from the client’s case on your account.

Screenshot of the Case View with flood map download

Expected Term calculator

We’ve added the Expected Term calculator to our platform! You can now calculate the life expectancy % for your clients in just a click. The new calculator is accessible from the Calculators secion on the Advise Wise Resources page.


Rate changes and deadlines summary table

We’ve introduced the NEW summary table to our website, with a handy recap of all rate changes and their submission deadlines.

Screenshot of the Rate Table View the rate table

January 2022


Product comparison improvements

We’ve introduced:

  • Improved version of the product comparision tool based on advisers’ feedback

December 2021


Instruct a solicitor

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We’ve introduced:

  • a specialist solicitor direct instruction feature to our platform. You can now instruct a solicitor directly from your case, without rekeying any information.
  • a brand new legal hub, to collect all solicitors' document and resources in one single place.
Screenshot of the Legal Hub Find out how to instruct a solicitor directly from your case View the legal hub

November 2021


Max release calculator

We’ve introduced our new:

  • Max release calculator, allowing you to quickly see the maximum your client can release, before proceeding with a Quick Quote and product sourcing.
  • Calculators section to the Platform, with all the calculators we’ve released so far.
Screenshot of the max release calculator View the max release calculator

October 2021


Price per pound

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We’ve introduced the price per pound feature to your product search, allowing you to easily see which plan has the best value for money for the customer.

This innovative feature illustrates the true cost to the client, for every pound received, after deducting the associated setup costs, based on the estimated term of the lifetime mortgage.

Example of price per pound

Product comparison table

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We’ve introduced the market’s first product comparison table, allowing you to select and compare plans side by side. This will make it even easier to find the right product for your client’s needs.

Check how it works

June 2021


We’ve launched the market's first Desktop App.

Access your Advise Wise account in just a click and enjoy all the powerful features in the Advise Wise Platform, directly from your desktop.

Screenshot of the desktop app icon Download it now for free

April 2021


Fact Find launched

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We’ve introduced our brand new dynamic Fact Find template, fully customisable and integrated with your case data.

Designed with the Equity Release Council checklist and guidance in mind, it will help you gather all the relevant information to review your client’s circumstances and provide expert advice.

Screenshot of the Fact Find Watch the video on how to use it Find out how to add Fact Find to your case

March 2021


Additional underwriting questions

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We’ve added 20 additional underwriting questions to the platform, to tailor your product search to your client’s property.

You can now add optional property criteria to your cases and we’ll automatically filter out unsuitable products from your search results.

Find out how to use the optional underwriting questions

February 2021


Added resources

We’ve added a new dedicated resources section to our platform, with a wider collection of content. All available for free inside Advise Wise.

View our Resources

January 2021


Webinar series with ERC

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We’ve released a webinar series in collaboration with the ERC on the adviser checklist.

Following the release of the ‘24 point adviser checklist’ by the Equity Release Council, we’re offering our members the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the document and ask questions directly to the Council.

Watch the episodes

November 2020


Fee options added to product search

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We’ve improved your product search, with the option to add fees to your product search. You can now enter:

  • your advice fee
  • solicitor fees
  • how your client wants to pay for them.

We will then calculate the net loan amount, net fees including cashback and show an interest roll-up table to understand the impact of fees on the estate.

Find out how to add fees to your research

Instant KFIs for Just

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We’ve extended Instant KFIs for all Just plans. You can now request a KFI for Just plans in less than a minute directly on the Advise Wise Platform.

October 2020


Improved platform navigation

We’ve improved our navigation to make it easier to view your cases & clients, use Quick Quote, check your benefits, instruct a solicitor and get support.


Google Street View added to platform

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We’ve introduced Google Map & Street View in the property info on your case to make it simpler to advice remotely. You can now quickly and easily view your client’s proximity to commercial buildings and inspect their property’s construction type, roof and inclusion of solar panels.

Screenshot of the case map

Ask Jane legal month

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We’ve introduced Ask Jane legal month.

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August 2020


Upgraded live chat

We’ve improved our live chat, so it's even easier now to get in touch with our help desk for technical and criteria support, sourcing plans from the whole of the market.

Try the new live chat icon on our platform and website.

Screenshot of chat button

July 2020


Advise Wise Plus launched

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We’ve launched the Advise Wise Plus membership, a new and exclusive membership for select later life advisers, securing them uplifted commissions, exclusive products, dedicated industry events and exclusive Upskill content. Selected advisers will be automatically be enrolled in the new membership.

June 2020


New product filters

We’ve added some new and improved filters on the Advise Wise Platform, to make your product sourcing even easier.

With these new filters, you can limit your whole of market product results:

  • By the value of the cashback available
  • The percentage of optional repayments the client can make
  • If there isn’t a requirement to make payments

Plus, you can now view product details when using Quick Quote and we’ve added an optional lender notes field when requesting an automated KFI.

Screenshot of improved product filters

New Ask Jane series

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We’ve launched Ask Jane series. In this series, our industry expert and Mortgage Club Manager Jane Hanlon, will answer your questions about the market, products, criteria and case studies.

Review all episodes

May 2020


Instant KFIs introduced

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We’ve introduced Instant KFIs function for all Pure Retirement plans. This means you can get a KFI in just a few seconds through the Advise Wise Platform.

April 2020


Improved product filters

We’ve improved our product filters to support the changes to the later life mortgages. You can now filter plans in your product sourcing to view products that support desktop valuations and hide products with a retention on the released amount. These improvements are available via a Quick Quote and a full product search.

What’s new:

  • Two new checkboxes under the ‘Product features’ filter on your product search results.
  • Highlighted the loan and drawdown in red if a retention exists.
  • A new retention figure to the ‘More info’ section of each product, allowing you to see exactly how much of the loan will be retained.

March 2020


Quick Quote launched

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Our most reqeusted feature is now live. We’ve launched our Quick Quote tool, allowing you to easily and quickly view available products from across the whole of market in just three clicks.

Get started with Quick Quote

February 2020


Specialist solicitors launched

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We’ve launched the Advise Wise Specialist Solicitors panel, to make it easier for you to refer to specialist solicitors for your case completion.


Advise Wise Mortgage Club launched

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We’ve launched the Advise Wise Mortgage Club, to complement your product sourcing and support you with your cases

More info about our Mortgage Club

November 2019


Advise Wise launch!

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