Advise Wise introduces additional underwriting questions on the platform

2 March 2021

Advise Wise introduces free optional underwriting questions to the platform to help users find the best products for their clients’ needs.

The latest enhancement on Advise Wise Platform consists of 20 additional and optional questions that advisers can use to add more property details to their client’s case and to its product search.

The new free feature is linked to the latest lender criteria and works on all lenders’ plans applying product filtering, resulting in a more robust recommendation, where clients’ specific property details have been used.

Users can access the questions when entering or editing their clients’ property details, by simply selecting the optional underwriting questions drop down section and adding the additional information requested.

Completing the additional underwriting questions, such as wall construction, if the property is listed or has solar panels, allows the platform to automatically restrict the product search, removing all those plans that do not meet the property criteria for the respective lender. This ultimately contributes to a faster and more accurate product sourcing that can help advisers in providing more accurate recommendations based on their clients needs.

Jonathan Thirkill, Chief Executive officer at Advise Wise, commented: “Supporting advisers with innovative technology and contributing to simplifying the advising process are always at the core of everything we do. This new feature is an additional step forward that allows the platform to take into consideration further property criteria, filtering the product search results based on the actual client’s needs, to help our users find the right products more efficiently.

Jonathan continued: “We know the accuracy of advisers’ recommendations is a crucial aspect to ensure the best outcome for clients and we’ve developed this new feature with that in mind. It’s now easier than ever to source later life products, with extensive property criteria taken into account at the research stage without the need for advisors to pay for additional tools or software. We're confident this will enable our users to give more accurate recommendations, ultimately generating a better outcome for their clients.”

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