Advise Wise launches a desktop application for advisers

21 June 2021

Advise Wise has launched a desktop application to allow advisers to conveniently access the Advise Wise Platform directly from their desktop, in just a single click.

Following the recent launch of its new dynamic and customisable Fact Find, Advise Wise introduces a further innovation by allowing its members to utilise all the features in the Advise Wise Platform and source later life products across the whole market from their desktop, bypassing the need to use a web browser.

The new desktop app is available to download for free from the Advise Wise website ( ; it’s very easy and quick to install on a PC and it works with all major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.

The desktop app also includes the ‘remember me’ feature, that saves the adviser’s credentials after the first login, removing the need to rekey username and password for each access.

Jonathan Thirkill, CEO at Advise Wise commented: “We’re proud of this further step to simplify the advice process for our members, making it even quicker to login to our platform. Advise Wise is the first sourcing platform on the market with a dedicated desktop application and it’s the only way to access the whole of market product search directly from the desktop.”

He continued: “We’ve made the Advise Wise Platform literally just a click away, conveniently accessible directly from the desktop, with no need to open a web browser to log in. Plus, after the first login with the desktop app, the access is immediate, without having to type the credential every time.”

“The focus on supporting advisers is always our number one priority; we believe all the technological innovation can contribute to make the process easier and smoother, leaving advisers to concentrate on what matters the most: provide great advice to reach the best outcome for the client. It’s with this in mind that we work hard to provide our members with the best possible tools to manage their equity release cases.”

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