Advise Wise launches brand new dynamic Equity Release Fact Find

20 April 2021

Advise Wise has today introduced a bespoke, customisable Equity Release Fact Find on its platform, accessible from the client’s case and integrated with the whole of market product search.

Advise Wise members can now manage a larger number of steps of their case through the Advise Wise Platform; from product sourcing and KFI requests to the Fact Find completion, through CRM to store the customers’ contact details and documents- including product searches, KFIs and Fact Finds.

Advise Wise has designed the Fact Find with the recent Equity Release Council checklist and guidance in mind, providing the adviser with the necessary tools to collect all the relevant information to review the client’s circumstances and provide expert Equity Release advice.

The customisable template gathers vital information to make a recommendation and also includes lots of intuitive spaces to record any additional notes and those important soft facts that are instrumental in getting a more complete overview of the customer’s situation.

Committed to simplifying the advice journey through technological innovations, Advise Wise brings a new way of completing Fact Find that embraces the use of technology, whilst facilitating the current way of working that advisers have adopted since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic.

The new Fact Find, integrated into the client’s case, it’s easy to fill in and it pre-populates the details already typed in on the case, including the additional underwriting questions recently introduced on the Advise Wise Platform. The questions are organised into specific sections that can be completed in any order, with the option to save and come back later, and a useful Summary tab highlighting any missing fields to complete before generating the Fact Find.

Broker firms can request to customise the Advise Wise Fact Find from the standard template to suit their compliance needs, making it truly bespoke and tailored to how they prefer to work. The template can also be downloaded as a PDF, which is also stored for the advisor in the Advise Wise CRM.

Jonathan Thirkill, CEO at Advise Wise commented: “We’re thrilled to introduce this innovation on our platform, to offer advisers additional support and provide them with a more complete service. In addition, with the possibility to customise the Fact Find, we want to meet all the different compliance requirements and make it even simpler for our members to complete it.”

He added: “Our online Fact Find is the result of an extensive period of market analysis. We know firms want the flexibility of their own Fact Find, whilst still benefiting from direct integration into product sourcing. We believe we are the first to truly deliver this to the later life market. It’s a big step forward in the digitalisation of the sourcing process.”

Jane Hanlon, Mortgage Club Manager at Advise Wise commented: “We are introducing a new way to do a Fact Find for advisers; a free, comprehensive online template, simple and easy to follow. A valuable tool that comes with a built-in benefit calculator and prompts throughout the questions, to help our members collect all the relevant information, notes and soft facts.”

“We have built our Fact Find with advisers’ needs in mind and around the latest Equity Release Council checklist and guidance, to make sure brokers can rely on the best possible template that covers all the standard key aspects to document the research leading to any recommendation.”

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