Advise Wise launches a new live webinar series in collaboration with the ER Council

28 January 2021

Advise Wise introduces a brand new webinar series “Good Practice Checklist explained, in collaboration with the Equity Release Council”.

The initiative is open to all Advise Wise members, to provide them with a better understanding of the Council’s recently launched ‘Advisers 24 points checklist’ together with the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Council.

The new series consists in five weekly live sessions hosted from Thursday 4 February by Craig Faulkiner, Head of Distribution at Advise Wise, with the participation of Jane Hanlon, Mortgage Club Manager at Advise Wise, Sue Read and Lorraine Cox, respectively Risk, Policy and Compliance Manager and Business Development Manager at the Equity Release Council.

Every week, the live webinar will cover a different topic from the checklist, discussing what good practice looks like and why it is important in order to ensure better outcomes for the client and compliance to the FCA requirements. The discussion will develop around 5 main themes: process, products, impacts, legal aspects and vulnerable customers.

Jane Hanlon, Mortgage Club Manager at Advise Wise, commented: “After hosting several online webinars during the first lockdown, we’re committed to keep supporting Advise Wise members also in the new current lockdown with a brand new live series, while we provide them with the right tools to help them focus on delivering good advice.”

“Following the recently launched ‘Adviser 24 points checklist’ - available only to the Council’s members - we wanted to offer our members the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the checklist. Partnering with the Equity Release Council we’re also giving them the chance to learn more about what good practice looks like, directly from the Council itself.”

Sue Read, the Equity Release Council’s Risk, Policy and Compliance Manager, said:
“Lorraine and I have decades of experience in financial services and we have joined the Council at an extremely exciting time. “We’re looking forward to engaging with Advise Wise and helping to inform its members about the Council’s ongoing work and its latest initiatives.”

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