Advise Wise announces its commitment to the environment with a new tree planting initiative

23 June 2020

Advise Wise announces its commitment to the environment, launching an eco-friendly initiative where a tree is planted for every KFI requested on the Advise Wise Platform or through the Advise Wise Mortgage Club.

Later life advisers can now help the environment simply by sourcing products and requesting KFIs through Advise Wise. The platform will periodically keep them up-to-date with the number of trees they have planted and how much carbon they have offset.

Advise Wise commitment to the environment is embedded in its mission. The online company was founded to simplify and streamline the advice process for later life advisers using innovative technology.

Its innovative approach reflects also on all its processes, designed to be as efficient as possible, and efficiency for Advise Wise also means reducing waste, improving the environment we live in.

For this reason Advise Wise has always promoted a more eco-friendly paperless way to do business, but also wants to play an active part, trying to reduce the environmental footprint of the later life market.

Despite substantial progress in reducing paper usage made by lenders’ new digital processes over the last few years, the later life industry is still a paper-heavy sector that contributes to the destruction of forests, used for the production of paper.
The world paper consumption exceeds 400 million tonnes per year and it’s estimated one office employee consumes 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

Planting a tree for every KFIs requested through Advise Wise is a tangible way to help the environment, plus it brings various benefits to the entire community.

Trees are very important to the planet for many different reasons; from helping clean the air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and filtering water, to providing habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity and providing jobs to over 1.6 billion people. Trees also help the soil prevent erosion and improve the soil structure, while key ingredients for 25% of all medicines derive from trees.

Jonathan Thirkill, Chief Executive Officer at Advise Wise, commented: “As an online company we are always making the most of technology to promote an eco-friendly paperless way of doing business, but we also want to play our part actively, trying to reduce the environmental footprint in the later life market.

This is why, in line with our broader mission to make everything simpler and more efficient, we want to support the environment further and give advisers the opportunity to help. For each individual KFI requested through the Advise Wise Platform and Mortgage Club, we will plant a tree on the advisers behalf.”

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