Advise Wise launches later life lending Market News feed

1 July 2020

Advise Wise launches its later life lending Market News feed to help advisers keep informed with market changes and updates from lenders and solicitors.

Following the well received Coronavirus LIVE News Feed - launched during the pandemic - and with the market coming back to normality, Advise Wise saw it necessary to keep helping advisers monitor all changes in the industry even after the lockdown.

The Advise Wise Market News feed is updated in real time with later life news from lenders, specialist solicitors and market events. The Market News filters on the feed allow advisers to conveniently filter news by type and look for specific updates.

The Advise Wise Market News feed is accessible by all Platform users and Mortgage Club members who also receive a weekly roundup of the latest published on the feed directly to their inbox.

Jane Hanlon, Mortgage Club Manager at Advise Wise commented: “Advise Wise Mortgage Club has supported many advisers and club members during the lockdown and we saw them turning to our helpdesk to understand and navigate all market changes.”

“Providing our members with all the latest from the later life lending market is one of the ways we can assist them. We are committed to support advisers and we believe that it’s our duty to help them keep informed on what’s happening on the market at any time.”

The Market News feed is a great tool that allows them to easily find all market updates in one single place, making it easier to keep up-to-date with this ever changing lifetime mortgage market.”

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