Introducing Advise Wise Market Events: a one-stop shop for all later life market events

26 October 2023

Advise Wise is proud to announce the launch of its new Market Events page, a comprehensive web page designed to serve as the go-to destination for advisers seeking information on all industry events related to later life financial planning. This page simplifies the process of discovering and registering for the most relevant events in the later life market.

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, staying informed and connected is essential for professionals seeking to excel in the field of later life financial planning. The Advise Wise Market Events page has been created with this very purpose in mind, offering a one-stop solution for advisers and industry experts to get an overview of all industry events.

The page provides an exhaustive listing of later life market events, conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops, ensuring that advisers can access a wealth of opportunities for their professional development and networking in one centralised location.

With an easy-to-navigate layout, each event listing includes details such as the event descriptions, speakers, agendas, venue information, and registration links, enabling advisers to access the event registration page and book their place.

The Advise Wise Market Events page was developed to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking within the later life market. It promises to be a valuable resource for financial advisers, as well as the many other professional stakeholders in the sector.

Daniel Edmondson, National Account Manager at Advise Wise, expressed his excitement about this new initiative, saying, “At Advise Wise we aim to empower advisers in the later life market with the tools and resources they need to excel in their profession. The Market Events Page is a testament to our commitment to providing the industry with innovative solutions that simplify the process of staying informed and connected.”

He added: “While CPD is not mandatory for financial professionals within the sectors, we want to promote best practice and support advisers in ensuring excellent customer outcomes.”

The Advise Wise Market Events page is now live and accessible at to explore the latest events, stay updated on industry news, and enhance your professional network. To get your later life events added to the page, please contact:

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