Advise Wise introduces new collection of resources for its members

29 January 2021

Advise Wise introduces a brand new digital resources collection for its members, accessible from their free account.

A large selection of regularly updated content is available for Advise Wise users completely for free through their Advise Wise account, to help them learn more about the equity release market and get the most out of the platform.

The new resources page is composed of six main sections that categorise all supportive content available for advisers. A brand new Lenders Hub collects all lenders’ documents, videos, guides and other useful information; Upskill webinars gives access to the full Advise Wise video collection including the popular Ask Jane series and many other online events with industry experts; a new ‘How to’ section contains guides with handy tips on how to make the most out of the Advise Wise Platform.

Advise Wise has also introduced a new dedicated Educational Resources category that gathers informative content from the wider market, from marketing toolkit to guides and case studies to equity release articles from the press; an Insider library where all previous Advise Wise Insider issues are stored; and Advise Wise blog articles, now incorporated into the new resources page.

Advise Wise members can easily access the new resources section from a new resources tab in their account, with all contents conveniently stored on a single page.

Craig Faulkiner, Head of Distribution at Advise Wise, commented: “Last year we started providing our members with more digital supportive contents, launching several initiatives spacing from live webinars and the Ask Jane series available as video and as podcast, to our newsletters and the ultimate guide to remote advice.”

“Our goal and focus is to keep working toward this direction, assisting our members with further content to help them with their development and providing them with the right tools to simplify their daily activities. Hence the need to gather all Advise Wise Resources together and group them by category to make it easier for users to access the content they need, when they need it.”

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