Advise Wise takes bold step towards medical breakthroughs by joining Folding@home initiative

28 September 2023

Advise Wise, a leading later life sourcing platform for qualified financial advisers, proudly announces its partnership with Folding@home, a groundbreaking distributed computing project aimed at accelerating scientific research in the pursuit of finding cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other life-altering diseases.

With a deep commitment to making a positive impact on global health, Advise Wise has harnessed its spare cloud processing power to contribute to the Folding@home project. By participating in this innovative initiative, Advise Wise aims to advance scientific understanding and expedite the discovery of potential treatments and cures for some of the most challenging and devastating medical conditions.

Folding@home is a collaborative endeavour that harnesses the power of distributed computing to simulate complex protein folding processes. These simulations play a crucial role in uncovering the intricate mechanisms underlying diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others. By providing computational resources to Folding@home, Advise Wise demonstrates its unwavering commitment to driving scientific progress and improving the lives of individuals worldwide.

“Our decision to collaborate with Folding@home reflects Advise Wise’s core values of innovation, social responsibility, and the pursuit of meaningful impact,” said Benjamin Wells, Head of Product & Development of Advise Wise. “By dedicating our spare cloud processing power to this vital research, we are taking a proactive stance in the fight against some of the most challenging and prevalent diseases of our time. We believe that through collective effort and technology, we can drive significant breakthroughs in medical research.”

He continues: “This initiative is part of our corporate social responsibility agenda that we proudly launched a couple of years ago with our environmental commitment campaign where each month, we plant a tree for every KFI requested through Advise Wise. We are sure this is another small step into the right direction, to have a better impact on our community.”

Gregory Bowman, Director of Folding@home commented: “Thanks to everyone at Advise Wise for contributing to Folding@home. One of our aims is to make it easy for individuals and organisations to contribute compute power to advance biomedical research, and we hope that others will be inspired to follow Advise Wise’s lead in contributing unused cloud resources to enable our research.”

The partnership between Advise Wise and Folding@home underscores the potential of harnessing technology for the greater good. By combining Advise Wise’s technological prowess with the scientific rigour of the Folding@home project, both entities are poised to make remarkable strides in the field of medical research.

Advise Wise encourages other companies to join the Folding@home initiative and contribute their spare computational resources to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. By working together, the global community can create a powerful force for positive change and impact countless lives.

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