Advise Wise introduces innovative Contact Directory for financial advisers

9 August 2023

Advise Wise, a leading later life sourcing platform for financial advisers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest platform feature, the Contacts Directory. This tool is designed to be a one-stop shop, providing advisers with a comprehensive collection of contacts they might need for their client cases.

The Contacts Directory aims to connect advisers to other businesses, empowering them to better cater to their client's diverse needs and ultimately enhance the advisory process.

The financial advisory landscape is constantly evolving, and clients often require more than just financial services. Recognising this, Advise Wise has created a solution to simplify the process of connecting advisers with different professionals. By housing a wide variety of reliable businesses, the Contacts Directory helps advisers enhance the value they bring to their clients and strengthens their position as trusted advisors.

The Contacts Directory boasts an extensive database which is in constant expansion, carefully curated to encompass a broad range of industries. From reputable lenders and specialist solicitors to skilled craftsmen, clients can confidently access a diverse pool of professionals for their various requirements.

Contacts within the directory are carefully vetted by Advise Wise to ensure the highest quality of service and relevance to its user base. Advisers can rest assured that their clients will receive top-tier assistance from the recommended professionals.

The Contacts Directory seamlessly integrates into Advise Wise Platform, making it effortless for advisers to access and manage their contacts. With a user-friendly interface, advisers can quickly find and connect with the right professionals for their clients' needs.

By offering a wide array of ancillary services through the Contacts Directory, advisers can significantly improve the overall client experience. Whether it's finding reliable contractors for home improvement or connecting clients with specialised legal experts, advisers can go above and beyond traditional financial advice.

“We are excited to introduce the Contacts Directory to our platform,” said Daniel Edmondson, National Account Manager of Advise Wise. “This innovative tool reflects our vision to provide a comprehensive advisory ecosystem, ensuring that advisers have all the necessary resources at their fingertips to deliver exceptional service and value to their clients.”

He added: “As we continue to navigate an ever-changing world, the Advise Wise Contacts Directory reinforces our commitment to empowering financial advisers with cutting-edge tools to excel in their roles. This new feature is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the advisory experience for both advisers and clients alike.”

The Contacts Directory is available to all Advise Wise users immediately, from the Resources section of the platform. To become an Advise Wise member and register completely for free, advisers can visit

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