Advise Wise introduces KFI Check and Chase Service

4 September 2020

Advise Wise has introduced a new KFI Check and Chase Service for its Mortgage Club members.

When a later life adviser requests a KFI through the Advise Wise Platform or Mortgage Club, they benefit from a new free service, where the Mortgage Club help desk works on their behalf to chase and check the KFI.

The service has launched by popular demand and provides additional support for advisers who request KFIs through Advise Wise. The new Check & Chase Service means the adviser gets the KFI quicker than before, and right the first time.

The Club’s help desk deals with chasing lenders - for outstanding KFIs or in case of delays - and checks the returned KFI to make sure client details, rate, commissions and procurement fees are correct, saving advisers’ time.

Jane Hanlon, Mortgage Club Manager at Advise Wise commented: “We’ve got many advisers asking for support with KFIs and it came natural to launch the Check and Chase Service, to make it even easier for them to get KFIs as quickly as possible.”

“We want advisers to focus on advising the client and we are constantly working to make the sourcing process smoother and quicker for them. They can request KFIs through our Platform and Mortgage Club for most lenders’ products, and when they do so, we provide them with this extra support in getting the KFI. Plus when they request KFIs through us they also help the environment, since at Advise Wise we plant a tree for each KFI requested through our system.

“Many advisers are just used to log into the lender’s portal, but as soon as they try to use a sourcing tool they realise the product search becomes easier and quicker, they can run a whole of market search in just a few clicks and they get a Mortgage Club support with their cases. Amongst the other benefits of using our sourcing tool, our Platform is fully integrated with medical underwriting, meaning brokers get accurate rates and loan-to-value - not just a guide. This saves their time in getting this information immediately on the sourcing tool, but could also save the client’s money in the interest rate.”

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