Advise Wise integrates state benefits calculator to the platform

18 January 2023

Advise Wise has partnered up with entitledto to integrate a state benefits calculator to the platform.

Advise Wise members can now rely on a free state benefits checker fully integrated to their client’s case, to find out what benefits the client can claim and ensure the best customer outcomes in their advice processes.

The new calculator can be run individually from the case checklist on the client’s case and is also accessible as part of the Advise Wise Fact Find.

The completion is intuitive and guided by the calculator template itself; all the required details are split into seven main sections that go from the client’s housing status and household to age and disability, income, housing costs and council tax.

Once all sections have been completed results are calculated and shown on the last screen, the adviser has the option to email them and download the pdf. The benefits figure will populate automatically into the Fact Find with no need to retype and the evidence document is automatically saved and stored on the client’s case on the Advise Wise Platform in order to make it easier for advisers to retrieve it.

Jonathan Thirkill, Chief Executive Officer at Advise Wise, commented: “We’re delighted to partner up with entitledto to offer our members an integrated state benefit calculator completely for free. It’s another little step towards the simplification of the advice process.”

He continued: “We believe that technology is essential to help advisers provide expert advice, as thanks to the integration and the automation of processes, they can save precious time to focus on assessing the client’s circumstances to recommend the most suitable product and reach the best outcome for the client.”

Phil Agulnik, Director at entitledto, says: “It’s fantastic to see Advise Wise providing our benefits calculator to help their clients during the cost-of-living crisis and beyond. At a time when people are struggling with essential costs, checking for benefit entitlements is one of the first things for people to try.”

“Shockingly, billions of pounds in means-tested benefits remain unclaimed by low-income households each year and a ten-minute check could boost the incomes of many families around the UK.”

“Advise Wise is also using our integration services to connect the data from their benefit calculator to their existing client systems, which will only serve to create further efficiencies for their organisation. We look forward to helping them to help their clients in whatever ways we can!”

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