Advise Wise becomes a member of the Equity Release Council

28 May 2020

Advise Wise has joined the Equity Release Council as a new member.

Advise Wise is delighted to be working with the Equity Release Council, in line with its goal to streamline the advice process for advisers and help develop the growing equity release market.

Advise Wise will work in conjunction with the Council to ensure advisers have the necessary tools and support to advise their customers and offer the best possible advice, enabling best outcomes for the client.

Advise Wise was founded to help equity release advisers and its offering is entirely focussed on them, to improve the advice process and ensure the best possible deals for customers.

The Advise Wise Mortgage Club supports advisers with the product sourcing and the placement of their cases, even with those cases that have been affected by COVID-19, whilst it allows them to focus on their customers.

New advisers who are entering the market can find education and support too, through the platform, its online Upskill support programme and the dedicated helpdesk that contributes to help them gaining the industry knowledge and keep up-to-date with all the latest changes in the market.

Jonathan Thirkill, Chief Executive Officer at Advise Wise comments: “We are delighted to join the Equity Release Council and contribute to the fantastic work the Council is doing on the market. This important step makes our commitment to support advisers and help the market grow even stronger.”

“Providing advisers with easy-to-use and powerful technology is our number one priority, together with making it easier for them to keep up-to-date with all the market changes.”

David Burrowes, Chairman of the Equity Release Council, comments: “Today’s equity release market offers a broad range of product options backed by the highest level of consumer safeguards for any property-based loan. We welcome Advise Wise’s commitment to supporting these standards and to raising awareness of equity release as a mainstream financial product by joining our membership.”

“With increasingly flexible ways to unlock property wealth in later life, technology platforms have an important role to play in putting an array of information at advisers’ fingertips to help the customer find a suitable product for them.”

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