Advise Wise Platform introduces a new document upload feature

26 October 2022

Advise Wise Platform introduces a new feature allowing advisers to upload documents to their client’s case.

This latest improvement enhances the platform’s CRM function, enabling users to store and manage all relevant client documents on their Advise Wise account.

Advise Wise members can upload all the usual file formats to the platform: from all customer and property information, to product research PDFs, KFIs requested and any other related documents they want to save.

In addition, Advise Wise Platform recently released further improvements, including the new “Self-Serve Portal” product filter that allows advisers to tailor the product research by showing only plans from lenders that offer a client portal to self-serve many requirements. This option is useful when the client wants to see and manage their later life mortgage autonomously, updating their details, checking the balance and making overpayments.

Amongst the recent changes, Advise Wise has also enhanced the user’s account settings, enabling members to personalise their sourcing preferences. A specific email address can be set up to be used when requesting KFIs from lenders and the adviser has the option to save their default advice and solicitor fees, so that these are automatically included in their research.

Benjamin Wells, Head of Product and Development at Advise Wise commented: “We’re constantly innovating and improving our offering, based on what our members need and feedback to us. We’re committed to providing advisers with best-in-class technology through an intuitive platform to support them with their sourcing.”

He continued: “Since our launch nearly three years ago, Advise Wise has evolved and improved at an impressive rate and there are still many innovations we want to bring to our members to simplify their advice process.”

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