Help your client maximise their pension pot, refer them to Age Partnership Wealth Management

If you can’t assist your client through later life products, you can still help them simplify their retirement planning.

They might want to consider reviewing their pension income options. Refer them to Age Partnership Wealth Management, so they can get personalised guidance for their circumstances and explore alternatives such as pension annuities.

  • Personalised guidance From experienced specialists, tailored to your client’s circumstances
  • Pension checking service Free service offered to clients at the point of purchase. The specialist checks with the pension provider whether any potential benefits or penalties are attached to their plan, to ensure the client isn’t missing out on any great benefits in their existing pension.
  • Fast Quote Service The client can get a quote over the phone and expect completion within 8 weeks from the application submission date.
  • Best rate guarantee If the client finds a better rate elsewhere, they will receive £100*.
  • Earn a commission Using Advise Wise, you can expect to earn an average referral fee of £434 from Age Partnership Wealth Management (based on H1 2023 data).

*Age Partnership Wealth Management are so confident about their rates that they offer a Best Rate Guarantee, which means they guarantee to beat any like-for-like annuity quote, or they will send your client a cheque for £100. For full terms and conditions of the Best Rate Guarantee visit or call 0800 975 5151 for more details.

Get started with annuities

To start referring clients to the annuity service, you need to be registered or logged in to your Advise Wise account otherwise we won’t know where to send those big fat referral cheques.

What is a pension annuity?

A pension annuity is a financial product that provides a regular income during retirement, allowing clients to make the most of pension savings. The client invests a lump sum or makes regular contributions in exchange for guaranteed income payments over a specified period or for the rest of their life.

Is pension annuity viable for my client?

Your client can opt for a pension annuity if:

  • They are over 55,
  • Have one or more pension pots they’re looking to access - ideally within 12 months
  • Have a minimum of pension savings of £30000 (no maximum).

Can I refer my client today?

You can refer your client today to Age Partnership Wealth Management, a retirement income specialist we’ve partnered up with and earn a commission**.

Age Partnership Wealth Management will only transact on pension and investment business, offering your client all the information to make informed decisions about their pension income, answering any questions and generating an illustration without obligation for the options your client is interested in.

Fill in the form above with your client’s details and they will do the rest.

**Using Advise Wise, you can expect to earn an average referral fee of £434 from Age Partnership Wealth Management (based on H1 2023 data).
If your client proceeds with Age Partnership Wealth Management non-advised service, they will be paid a commission from the provider selected and this cost will be factored into your client’s plan.

How does the pension annuity process work?

Refer your client to Age Partnership Wealth Management

Fill in the referral form with your client’s details from the Advise Wise Platform. Many fields will be pre-populated if they are an existent client on your Advise Wise account. Otherwise you can choose to enter the client’s details manually.