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Equity release hints and tips to help avoid underwriting issues

Market Events

It’s easy to assume a property is an obvious candidate for equity release lending only to discover a vital aspect has been overlooked.

Join Equity Release Specialist, Malcolm Tyrrell in this new webinar and learn the underwriting issues to be aware of when considering a potential lifetime mortgage.

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Published: 20 May 2022

LV= product changes

Product Update

From 20 May, LV= is making changes to its Lifetime Mortgage Lending Criteria:

  • Will increase its maximum flat roof percentage from 50% to 100%, where a durable material (asphalt, metal sheet, EPDM, GRP etc.) is in place and the roof is in good condition. The maximum percentage where the flat roof is constructed from felt has increased from 30% to 50%. Ex-local authority properties are subject to a 50% maximum flat roof, regardless of the construction material used.
  • Non-residential properties may be permitted where adjacent or in close proximity to the subject property and subject to a satisfactory valuation.

    For properties in close proximity to commercial premises, LV= will consider these subject to surveyor comments. Properties adjacent to or above commercial premises or in close proximity to a large-scale industrial site are not accepted.

    Answer the question on LV= portal asking whether the subject property is within 50m of commercial premises and provide any relevant additional details in the notes section on the decision page. This will then be reviewed before the valuation is instructed.

Published: 16 May 2022

Webinar with The Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA)

Market Events

When: 18 May, 10am

Join Pure’s BDM, Ashley Sampson, and Joint Chair of the Society of Later Life Advisers, Jane Finnerty, for a Pure update plus a CPD-accredited SOLLA webinar.

This webinar will cover a short background to the SOLLA later life advice standard, the regulators view, requirements to apply and an online assessment syllabus.

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Published: 16 May 2022

L&G product changes

Product Update

On Friday 6 May at 9am, L&G is reducing the minimum OPR payment from £500 to £50.

Published: 6 May 2022

Exploring the legal process around equity release with Konexo

Market Events

When: 10 May, 2.30pm, 11 May 3.00pm, 13 May 11am

Join Aviva experts for a 45 minute webinar.

Equity release is becoming an increasingly attractive option for homeowners, but there are elements of the legal process that can be complex. Aviva has teamed up with Konexo, a division of Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP, to discuss some of these topics and how they can be resolved quickly, with the minimum of disruption to clients.

Gemma Pendlebury and Alex Price from Konexo will be discussing the legal process around equity release with Neil Uttley, National Sales Manager for Aviva Equity Release.

No question is off limits. Whatever you want to know, you’ll be able to ask the experts directly.

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Published: 5 May 2022

2022 awards for excellence in customer vulnerability

Market Events

The Just Group 2022 Vulnerable Customer Awards showcase business leadership, financial advice, paraplanner and support staff excellence in supporting vulnerable customers.

The entry window is now open and closes on 22 July.

Tell us about what you’ve done so far and what your vulnerability plans are for the future.

Learn more and enter now

Published: 29 April 2022

New plan options on Horizon

Product Update

From Wednesday 27 April, Standard Life is adding two new plan options 780 and 800 to the Horizon Plan.

Published: 27 April 2022

Lending Criteria: Changes & Improvements

Market Events

When: Thursday 5 May, 10am

Join Standard Life Home Finance’s National Account Manager, Sanjay Gadhia for their first ever lending criteria webinar.

You’ll get an in depth look at their lending criteria and hear about the recent improvements they’ve made.

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Published: 26 April 2022

LV= lending policy changes

Product Update

With effect from Wednesday 6 April, LV= is making the following changes to its Lifetime Mortgage Lending Criteria:

  • Will look at properties with up to 15 acres by exception.
  • Will be able to consider annexes where family reside in the annexe on a full-time basis.
  • Could accept aso customers with less than 36 month UK residency history
  • Will no longer accept flats/apartments in a building with more than 4 storeys and no lift.

Published: 30 March 2022

L&G Premier product change

Product Update

On Wednesday 30 March at 6pm L&G is reducing the minimum property value for Premier products from £1m to £750,000.

This change will be across Premier Flexible and OPLM variants and Premier Black and Yellow LTV tiers.

Published: 30 March 2022

The Unplaceables webinar

Market Events

Join Pure Retirement BDM Ashley Sampson and Jane Hanlon from Advise Wise, with guest speaker from Ashfords, to discuss your hard to place cases. Get in touch if you have something you’d like to discuss at


Published: 25 March 2022

Scottish Widows product updates

Product Update

On Monday 28 March, Scottish Widows is making the following changes to its Lifetime Mortgage product range:

  • New high loan to value (LTV) products for Lump Sum
  • New product for Future Release
  • Changes to max LTV by age and product
  • Rate increase across all products

Published: 22 March 2022

Canada Life product update

Product Update

From Thursday 24 March, Canada Life is simplifying its product range, removing the following product options:

  • Over 55 Buy-to-Let Lifestyle Option
  • Second Home Lifestyle Options

The 55 Buy-to-Let Voluntary Select Option and Second Home Voluntary Select Option will continue to be available to customers.

For any pipeline cases

  • Generate an illustration before 8am Thursday 24 March.
  • Submit the application before 5pm on Thursday 7 April.

Published: 22 March 2022

Heritage criteria changes

Product Update

From Monday 21 March, Pure Retirement is expanding the criteria on the Heritage range, accepting:

  • 100% flat roof properties (doesn’t apply to the Heritage Super Max Plus plans)
  • properties with shared septic tanks

Pure Retirement is also applying an additional restriction to the Heritage Super Max Plus plans, not accepting properties in significant risk of flooding areas with active flood mitigation management in place and insurance in place to cover the flood risk.

Published: 21 March 2022

Withdrawal of more2life Capital Cashback Plans

Product Update

From Thursday 17 March, more2life is withdrawing for all new business Capital Choice Cashback plans:

  • Capital Choice With Cashback
  • Capital Choice Plus With Cashback

Applications on the current rates can be submitted up until Thursday 31 March 23:59.

Published: 18 March 2022

Your property criteria questions answered!

Market Events


Wednesday 23 March, 2pm - Register

Thursday 24 March, 10am - Register

Join Aviva in a question-and-answer session, where you’ll be able to get answers on lending criteria from two of Aviva’s experts, Neil Uttley National Sales Manager, and Andrew Turner, Avva in-house Senior Portfolio Surveyor.

Here’s your chance to ask the experts directly, from what types of properties Aviva will consider for equity release, to how they handle the process and how these products could be suitable for your clients.

No question is off limits! If you have a question you’d like answered, let Aviva know before the session to make sure we can answer it. Submit a quesion in advance to

There will also be chance during the session to use the chat box to submit your questions.

Published: 17 March 2022

more2life Flexi Choice criteria changes

Product Update

From Monday 14 March, more2life is making some changes to the Flexi Choice criteria to now include:

  • Up to 100% flat roof
  • Up to 3 satisfied or unsatisfied CCJ’s

And more relaxed criteria regarding:

  • Proximity to commercial
  • Septic tanks
  • Unadopted roads
  • Ex-local authority/council houses & bungalows
  • Laing Easyform & Cross wall construction

Plus, the following builder’s warranties are no longer accepted:

  • Zurich Municipal New Build Guarantee
  • Principal
  • A Foundation 15 Certificate

Published: 14 March 2022

General Update
Rate table illustration

Check all the rate changes and deadlines

Through our handy summary table

View the table

Published: 10th March 2022

Pure Retirement Classic Criteria changes

Product Update

From Tuesday 15 March, Pure Retirement is making some changes to the Classic criteria to now include:

  • Up to 100% flat roof
  • Up to 3 satisfied or unsatisfied CCJ’s

And more relaxed criteria regarding:

  • Max number of storeys for flats
  • Unadopted roads
  • Laing Easyform construction
  • Cross wall construction
  • Septic tanks

Published: 14 March 2022

Ask our experts about meaningful later-life benefits

Market Events

When: 22 March, 10-11 am

How you demonstrate your support to clients from the early stage is crucial in the process of building a long-lasting relationship. That’s why LV= include two non-contractual services to its equity release customers at no extra charge – LV= Doctor Services and Care Navigator. Representatives from both of these services will be joining the webinar. In the event, LV= will take a more detailed look at the support available through the lens of both equity release customers and you as their adviser.

This webinar is eligible for one hour unstructured CPD.


Published: 11 March 2022

Heritage product update

Product Update

From Wednesday 2 March, Pure Retirement is making some changes to the Heritage range:

  • Introducing a new LTV tier product – Heritage Super Max Plus
  • Introducing new fees package (cashback) product options for Heritage Max Plus and Super Max tiers
  • Making some LTV adjustments at selected ages for Heritage Max, Max plus, Super Max
  • Withdrawing the Heritage Plus LTV tier
  • Increasing interest rates on all Heritage products

Published: 1 March 2022

The Unplaceables webinar

Market Events

When: 9 March 10am

Join BDM for the South West, Jane Mullan, with guest speakers from Advise Wise to discuss your hard to place cases. Please get in touch if you have something you would like to discuss.

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Published: 23 February 2022

OneFamily Portal maintenance work

General Update

OneFamily will be carrying out some essential maintenance work on its Lifetime Mortgage Adviser Portal on Monday 21 February, from 5.30pm until 10pm, during these times there will be no access available.

Published: 18 February 2022

New equity release business development events

Market Events

The later life lending market continues to be buoyant and these new events are designed to help you grow your business:

  • 17 February – Webinar with MoneyAlive and SOLLA: Lending support to you and your clients.
  • 2, 3, 9 and 10 March – Case study workshop (four groups): Let’s get personal.

Learn more

Published: 14 February 2022

The pitfalls of spray foam insulation

Market Events

When: Thursday 10 February, 10am

Join our upcoming live webinar, in collaboration with Morgan Sloane Chartered Surveyors, the Residential Property Surveyors Association and an expert adviser.

Craig Faulkiner, our Head of Distribution will host the live event that will focus on the pitfalls of spray foam. The webinar will end with a live Q&A session, where the speakers will answer to all your questions!

Register for the webinar

Published: 3 February 2022

Heritage Renovate withdrawal

Product Update

With effect from Tuesday 1 February 2022 the Heritage Renovate range will be withdrawn from new business.

Any pipeline cases currently at application stage will continue to be honoured.

Submission Dates:

  • You can request Renovate KFIs until 23:59 Monday 31 January 2022
  • Submit Renovate applications by 23:59 Monday 14 February 2022

Published: 27 January 2022

Financial Reporter Later Life Lending Roadshow

Market Events

When: 23 February in Brighton. Register

When: 24 February in Wasall. Register

When: 2 March in Derby. Register

When: 3 March in York. Register

Published: 26 January 2022

My Care Consultant - Specialist support services for customers in need of care

Market Events

When: 9 February, 10am

In this session, founder of MCC, Jacqueline Berry, will discuss their specialist care navigation service and how it can be used to help customers in need of care.


Published: 26 January 2022

Aviva variable ERC change

Product Update

From 24 January, Aviva is launching a new Variable Gilt Index Early Repayment Charge (ERC), which replaces the current Individual Gilt ERC for all new business customers who choose this option, rather than a Fixed Percentage ERC.

Aviva has updated its gilt ERC so that all new borrowing uses the FTSE 15 year Actuarial Gilt Index as a single reference point.

For further information and FAQs on Variable Gilt Index ERC please visit Aviva webpage.

Published: 24 January 2022

Heritage Criteria change

Product Update

From 21 January Pure Retirement has implemented the following changes to the Heritage range:

  • Properties with private drainage where the septic tank is shared by no more than 2 properties, and a formal agreement is in place for maintenance and access can be considered.
    • All cases will be referred to funder for individual consideration.
    • The tank can be outside of the curtilage of the subject property, but formal agreements need to be in place for maintenance and access.
  • Charging orders can now be considered in line with the CCJ criteria, up to a value of £20,000.
    • Orders between £10,000 - £20,000 will require funder approval.
    • The charge must be repaid on completion.

Published: 21 January 2022

Criteria changes

Product Update

From Monday 17 January, Just is making some changes to its lending criteria:

  • Limiting the LTV on flats and maisonettes to 85% of the product LTV
  • Blocks of flats with 100% flat roof standard construction are acceptable
  • Properties with private drainage where the septic tank is shared by no more than 2 properties and a formal agreements is in place for maintenance and access can be referred for individual consideration
  • Northern Ireland listed properties can be referred for individual consideration for B1 & B2 categories. Categories A & B+ cannot be considered.
  • Charging orders can be considered in line with our CCJ criteria
  • Properties with restricted ownership covenants cannot be considered

For pipeline quotes impacted by the above, applications will be accepted up to Monday 31 January.

All applications are subject to approval and all properties are subject to a satisfactory valuation report.

The updated version of Just Lending Criteria Guide is available on

Published: 17 January 2022

CII Equity Release workshops and Foundation workshops

Market Events

L&G has announced the dates for this year’s ER1 and CII accredited Foundation Courses.

They’re free to attend and they’re all virtual unless otherwise stated.

Find out the dates and all details

CII Equity Release Exam workshops

Setting the Foundations workshops

Published: 11 January 2022

m2l launched Maxi Choice Extra

Product Update

From Friday 7 January, more2life will be offering a new Maxi Choice plan – Maximum Choice Extra.

This plan will offer both Lump Sum and Drawdown options and will offer the standard Maximum Choice Features. It will have the same criteria as the Maximum Choice Super range but flas will not be accepted. Rates from 3.93%MER.

Published: 7 January 2022

Brand health check: Engaging the over 50s market

Market Events

When: 19 January, 10am

Join Pure Retirement Head of Marketing, Rachel Pease, as she discusses her recent brand research report. Discover how you can best position your brand and make an impact with the over 50s market.

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Published: 5 January 2022

The Unplaceables webinar

Market Events

When: 12 January 10am

Join Pure’s BDM Anna Thompson, with guest speakers from Advise Wise and Ashfords, to discuss your hard to place cases. If you have something you would like to discuss, contact

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Published: 5 January 2022

Rate table illustration

Rate changes and deadlines table

View the table


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